One Of Us in an independent team from the Berlin techno scene, who includes the urgent necessity to balance and toexplore the relationship between a party and solutions for making a better world- who needs our urgent help, without discussion.

No one shall be left to suffer alone!

Likewise the electronic scene started as a liberation of the music market- We suspect that helping people is just part of the government, so we vision ONE OF US as a true act of charity, friendship and collaboration. Building bridges for mutual understanding is our way to express our motivation with liberated talents and as reflective as tolerant individuals. More than a party itself- we just start to make that change.

It’s time for the human side of techno!

Taking place in the most vibrant clubs and festivals around europe, we show our way to include and to balance the needs of today with joy and happiness! -With each step one smile- giving the chance to be involved and inspired by creative solutions for our future, by giving a direct connection to it!

We coexist in one world and will introduce a single project to an interested audience. Still having the open mind to listen to current needs.

We encourage emerging talents, as well as we’ve got the granted support by electronic masters.

Its easy: be One Of Us, because together we can change the world!