A1 Darkness
A2 Session
B1 Vague
B2 Kind of Girl

Krink, the shooting star of Audiolith records comes up on FormResonance with 4 Night Club tracks of smart understatement.

His songs does floating so easily- wide space and a perfectly fitted house groove, a modern Classic for FormResonance.

Without saying anything his sounds does come from behind, fading away and still left space. This is Clubmusic on a high aesthetic standard. Just a bit darker….

  • Darkness” is heading this EP: Outstanding – including this relaxed and subtle feeling, we will push it on top!
  • Session” shifts more into Theo Parrish House Style, with a concrete texture. More based on a riddim, in a repititive session.
  • It may be allowed to announce “Vague” as a love song, whilst it is devoting to some memorable club moments. An invotation to take part of this feeling.
  • Kind of Girl” is the perfect floor filler: sweetened up vocals all decent and not too… But…!

A special hurrah goes to our brilliant mastering engineer Michael Hank, who finished our masters as usual with so much love!