The currently published debut album Synchronicity of Hatikvah on the legendary label Soma from Glasgow let the experts sit up. Now, FormResonance selected three songs from their wonderful debut album in its uncut version to make it available for the music world also on vinyl!

The A-side Big Mind reveals itself as an extremely dense atmospheric world of sound. The voice results clearly through the piece. Florian Schirmacher shows here presence with his voice and remains yet subtle in the sound structure. Right in the middle there is a break, a silence. To this short moment the whole play seems written around. The reference points are lost. The second song Daedalus is a Rhodes Solo. Pure. Nothing else. Hatikvah shows its versatility and clarity that can be found in every song. Purposeful and open Unforgettable slides 13 minutes on the B-side through an improvisation with the Rhodes piano that evolves gently and playful. Bonds to Pepe Braddock are awoken, and it is fun to follow the song, to melt into it. Helmut Ebritsch, the second part of the production team Hatikvah, shows here his flair for a balanced sound.

Hatikvah is defined with its primary meaning from the Hebrew as “hope”. Elusive and valuable Hatikvah transports a rest in their songs, as if the aim is precisely targeted. Sound & soul fall at Hatikvah into one. The deeper, the better: Hatikvah stands for intensity that is palpable!